Why we do this

About Blue Heron 2

Our Food Philosophy:

  • It is our desire to have a positive impact on your quality of life by providing hearty, wholesome foods.

  • We use, whenever possible, local sources.  Local to us means Grand Rapids and North.

  • We promote Michigan made products.

  • Our approach to food is best described by using our sourdough bread as an example:

  • Flour, water & salt - minimal and high quality ingredients = great flavor.

  • Our favorite cooking style is working with common ingredients (fresh, seasonal, local) and relying on the quality and cooking style to enhance the natural flavors of the foods we use.

  • We believe the skill of the cook is in how little the food is manipulated and by using the simplest recipes.

  • Restraint shows more skill than relying on rich, enhanced ingredients. 

  • Creative does not mean weird or shocking.  Creative is using unique combinations, proven techniques and common, easy to find ingredients.

  • Most people are surprised to hear, when asking for a recipe, how few ingredients are in our dishes.

Farm to Table:

  • We visit, when possible, the farms who provide our local products.  We do have relationships with our farmers and we enjoy hearing/seeing their process of farming.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 7:30am - 3:00pm (breakfast 7:30-11:00 & lunch 11:00-3:00) Saturday & Sunday 7:30am - 2:00pm (breakfast 7:30 -11:00 & lunch 11:00-2:00) Closed Tuesday