Thai peanut chicken 
Carrot & ginger

Traverse City Main Menu


8.95Nutty Multi-grain Cereal

Hot multi-grain cereal topped with toasted pecans, Michigan apples, peaches & dried cherries.

8.95Health Craze

Gluten Free Optional
House-made granola with yogurt, apples & peaches.  

10.95Home-Style Country Breakfast

Gluten Free Optional
2 local eggs your way, breakfast potatoes, grilled sourdough bread; your choice of Dearborn ham, sausage or bacon. 

11.95Asian Duck Omelet

Gluten Free Optional
Duck confit, oyster mushrooms, ginger & peppers; served with breakfast potatoes & grilled sourdough bread.

11.95Farmers Omelet

Gluten Free Optional
Bacon, chorizo sausage, caramelized onions, sweet potatoes, white cheddar cheese; served with breakfast potatoes & grilled sourdough bread.

12.95Fall Vegetable Bowl

Gluten Free Optional
Breakfast potatoes topped with fresh spinach, roasted butternut squash, bacon, onions, tomatoes, goat cheese, tarragon pesto & 2 eggs your way; served with grilled sourdough bread.


Gluten Free Optional
Middle Eastern tomato sauce with apples, feta & cilantro topped with 2 eggs your way; served with grilled sourdough bread.

12.95Lamb & Eggs

Lamb meatballs in gravy with roasted garlic cloves topped with smoked bleu cheese; served with 2 eggs your way, sweet potatoes &  grilled sourdough  bread.  GFO)                                                                                                                $12.95

12.95Salmon Scrambler

Scrambled eggs with wild Lake Michigan Chinook salmon, spinach & basil pesto; served with grilled sourdough bread. (GFO)                           

10.95Sourdough Pancakes

House-made sourdough pancakes with local maple syrup; served with your choice of ham, sausage or bacon.      

Lunch Salads

Salads come with a side of our homemade sourdough bread.
Gluten Free Optional
Gluten Free bread available upon request.

12.95Chopped Chicken Market Salad

Mixed greens, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, red onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, choice of dressing.

12.95Nature Lover's Salad

Mixed greens, feta cheese, candied walnuts, berries & apples with poppyseed dressing.

12.95Butternut Squash Salad

Roasted butternut squash, sautéed apples & toasted pumpkin seeds in a soy & maple syrup butter, balsamic reduction, goat cheese; served over mixed greens.   

Blue Heron's Most Popular Lunch

13.95Lunch Flight

Gluten Free Optional
Half of our ham sandwich, a cup of soup of the day, a small nature lover's salad & your choice of a Blue Heron cookie.

Lunch Sandwiches

All sandwiches are served on grilled sourdough bread.
Gluten Free Optional
Gluten Free bread is available on request

12.95Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Roth Kase bleu cheese, gouda & cru

Add bacon or turkey $1.50

12.95Dearborn Ham Sandwich

Dearborn ham with cherry preserves, cheddar cheese, herbed mayo, red onion & spinach.

12.95Heirloom Turkey Sandwich

Heirloom tomatoes, turkey, mayonnaise, Havarti, romaine lettuce & onions.


Smoked bacon, local heirloom tomatoes, romaine lettuce, tarragon mayonnaise.

13.95Bleu Beef Sandwich

Gluten Free Optional
Roast beef, heirloom tomatoes, bleu cheese, mayonnaise, onions, lettuce.

12.95Roasted Vegetable Sandwich

Roasted red peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and kalamata
olives topped with havarti cheese on our grilled sourdough bread.                                         

Specialty Beverages


6.00French Press

2.00Hot Tea


1.50Diet Coke


3.00Tomato Juice

2.75Iced Tea

3.25Lavender Iced Tea



3.95Sparkling Water

1.50Bottled Water

Our approach to food is best described by using our sourdough bread as an example:
Flour, water & salt - minimal and high-quality ingredients = great flavor.

Fact: Our sourdough starter is over 100 years old.

We change our menus seasonally

Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order.
Consuming undercooked meats or eggs may increase
your risk of foodborne illness.

*Gluten free*
Ask your server about our GF products
Replace sourdough bread with our GF bread