About Blue Heron 2 

Our Food Philosophy:
It is our desire to have a positive impact on your quality of life by providing hearty, wholesome foods.
We use, whenever possible, local sources.  Local to us means Grand Rapids and North.
We promote Michigan made products.
Our approach to food is best described by using our sourdough bread as an example:
Flour, water & salt - minimal and high quality ingredients = great flavor.
Our favorite cooking style is working with common ingredients (fresh, seasonal, local) and relying on the quality and cooking style to enhance the natural flavors of the foods we use.
We believe the skill of the cook is in how little the food is manipulated and by using the simplest recipes.
Restraint shows more skill than relying on rich, enhanced ingredients. 
Creative does not mean weird or shocking.  Creative is using unique combinations, proven techniques and common, easy to find ingredients.
Most people are surprised to hear, when asking for a recipe, how few ingredients are in our dishes.
Farm to Table:
We visit, when possible, the farms who provide our local products.  We do have relationships with our farmers and we enjoy hearing/seeing their process of farming.