Roasted Vegetable with           Chicken & Rice

      Vegetarian White Chili





Butternut Squash Salad - Mixed greens, roasted butternut squash, sliced apples, toasted sunflower seeds, honey goat cheese, maple soy butter and balsamic vinegar reduction.     $9.95

Smoked Salmon Wrap - Smoked salmon, spinach & a creamy vegetable spread in a spinach lawash wrap.     $9.95

Roast Beef Sandwich - Shaved hot roast beef, smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, pickled jalapenos & spicy mayonnaise on grilled sourdough bread.     $9.95

Lunch Flight - A cup of soup, 1/2 of a smoked & seasoned brisket sandwich with bleu cheese & A1 aioli, a small salad with mixed greens, pear chutney & white pear balsamic vinaigrette & your choice of a Blue Heron cookie.     $10.95









HOURS: Monday - Friday 6:00-4:00 (breakfast served 7:00-11:00. Lunch served 11:00-3:00). Saturday 6:00-2:00 (breakfast & lunch served until 2:00).