Fall Harvest

German Chicken with Potato

Breakfast Specials

Herb Omelet - Dearborn ham, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms & white cheddar cheese: served with breakfast potatoes & grilled sourdough bread.    $9.95


Lunch Specials

Butternut Squash Salad - Roasted butternut squash, maple soy butter, sunflower seeds, apples, reduced balsamic vinegar, honey goat cheese & mixed greens.   $10.95

Cranberry Turkey Reuben - Cranberry slaw, turkey & havarti cheese on grilled sourdough bread.      $10.95

Squash Sandwich -  Roasted maple butternut squash with a balsamic white bean spread & spinach on grilled sourdough bread.    $10.95   

Lunch Flight - 1/2 of a Cranberry Turkey Reuben or Squash sandwich, a cup of the soup of the day, a small salad with spinach, pineapple, feta cheese and mustard dressing & your choice of a Blue Heron cookie.   $11.95

HOURS: Monday - Friday 6:00-4:00 (breakfast served 7:00-11:00. Lunch served 11:00-2:00). Saturday 6:00-2:00 (breakfast & lunch served until 2:00).